Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

To better serve you, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to ride Muckleshoot Tribal Transit?2021-12-17T20:18:47+00:00

There is no cost and “free” to all passengers to ride Muckleshoot Tribal Transit.

What are Muckleshoot Tribal Transits hours of operation?2021-10-04T12:45:21+00:00

Muckleshoot Tribal Transit is open Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 11:00PM.  We are currently closed weekends and Holidays, but this may be subject to change.  Any changes to hours of operation will be announced well in advance.

What is Muckleshoot Tribal Transit’s service area.2021-10-04T12:46:04+00:00

Muckleshoot Tribal Transit offers fare free service to the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation and the City of Auburn.  Some points of interest that MTT service are:

  • Muckleshoot Indian Reservation
  • Muckleshoot Casino
  • Muckleshoot Bingo
  • Auburn Safeway
  • Auburn Transit Station
  • Auburn Outlet Collection Mall

Every Muckleshoot Tribal Transit bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift. Our Transit operators are trained to assist disabled passengers with boarding and securing their mobility device.

Are animals allowed on Muckleshoot Tribal Transit?2021-10-04T12:47:57+00:00

Animals are not allowed on Muckleshoot Tribal Transit busses unless they are in a secure carrier (i.e. cage or sturdy box with a lid).  The only exception to the rule is a service animal that has been specifically trained to assist a passenger with disabilities.

Lost and Found2021-10-04T12:48:41+00:00

If you lose an item on the bus, call the Muckleshoot Tribal Transit Lost & Found at (253) 457-3034 to report your lost item.

How can I contact customer service?2021-10-04T12:49:44+00:00

If you have a question, comment, or complaint, please reach out to our customer service department by calling (253) 876-3326, weekdays 8:00AM-5:000PM.

I flagged the bus but it did not stop for me, why?2021-10-04T12:50:51+00:00

If a Muckleshoot Tribal Transit bus does not stop when you flag it down, it could be for several reasons. The driver may have felt it was an unsafe location to stop the bus, it was not a designated Muckleshoot Tribal Transit bus stop or the bus was at capacity. Should this happen, please call the Muckleshoot Tribal Transit Offices at (253) 876-3326 so we can help remedy the situation.

Will inclement weather affect my route?2021-10-04T12:51:49+00:00

Inclement weather may affect your regularly scheduled route. For up to the minute updates about your regular routes, please call (253) 876-3326 for more information.

Does Muckleshoot Tribal Transit go to the Muckleshoot Casino?2021-10-04T12:52:51+00:00

Yes, Muckleshoot Tribal Transit has stops in walking distance to the Muckleshoot Casino and Muckleshoot Bingo Hall.

Are food and drink allowed on the bus?2021-10-04T12:53:45+00:00

Food that is packaged or in a container may be brought on the bus, but not eaten on the bus. Ice cream cones/cups are not allowed on the bus.  Drinks must be in a sealed container. 

Safety and Security2021-10-04T12:54:40+00:00

Muckleshoot Tribal Transit has Safety Officers to provide safety and security for our buses. All buses have two-way radios to notify our dispatchers if there is a problem or need for assistance. We also have security cameras on board all MTT buses for security purposes.

Are masks mandatory?2021-10-04T12:55:27+00:00

Yes, Muckleshoot Tribal Transit is currently following all CDC COVID-19 guidelines for safety, mask mandates and social distancing.

How can I apply to work for Muckleshoot Tribal Transit?2021-10-04T12:56:37+00:00

If you are interested in a career that puts people and safety first while providing excellent customer service, we want to hear from you!  Find out about our current job openings by going to www.muckleshoot.nsn.us/human-resources/employment.aspx to apply.

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